Pledis-CEO tritt nach Skandal als Produzent von IZ*ONE zurück

Alles begann damit, dass Dispatch ihn ankreidete, seine Ehefrau unrechtmäßig als Produzentin einzutragen, wodurch ein Teil der Umsätze, die IZ*ONE mit den betreffenden Songs machten, in seine Tasche laufen würden.

Als SO JAY wurde im November 2018 eine gewisse Ms. Park registriert, die bei insgesamt acht Songs der Girlband mitgewirkt haben soll. Darunter Violeta, Airplane, Destiny, Open Your Eyes und Pink Blusher. Nach einer Recherche seitens Dispatch fanden sie heraus, dass SO JAY die Ehefrau des CEOs von Pledis Entertainment ist.

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There is one famous(?) Lyricist. She is the copyright holder of the popular girl group hit song The name of this lyricist is SO JAY who participated in 8 songs from the girl group 'IZ*ONE' and wrote a total of 8 songs including 5 EP and 3 regular albums However, there is (almost) no one who knows SO JAY. Even the musicians who worked together, for example, song-writers do not know the face Who is SO JAY? . As a result of checking with the Korea Music Copyright Association, SO JAY's name was Park XX who joined in November 2018. (Only) 8 Songs of “IZ*ONE” are copyrighted First, the songs in the 1st EP track 'Secret Time' was written and composed by 'Boombastic'. SO JAY was also co-written and her stake is about 1.5 times more than Boombastic . 'We Together' is a song from the final album of 'Produce 48'. SO JAY was not named when it was first released SO JAY also participated in the second EP. In the case of the title song 'Violetta,' Choi Hyun-jun and Kim Sung-soo shared profits. There are four lyricists registered in 'Airplane'. They are Lee Dae-hwi, Cho Yoon-kyung, Jang Yeo-jin, and SO JAY SO JAY was also active in the full-length album "BLOOM*IZ." She put her name on three song. 'Destiny,' Pink Blusher ',' Open Your Eyes'. (The initial sales volume of this album is 350,000 copies. It is the No. 1 girl group in the history based on the 'Hanteo Chart') . 'Pink Blusher' is a collaboration between Boombastic and SO JAY(?). SO JAY's stake is 1.5 times higher. 'Open Your Eyes' is a song led by 'Black Edition' (MC Mong) and 'Bulls Eye'. SO JAY also (slightly) participated very little bit . 'IZ*ONE' is a mega girl group. From the start, it was hot. The debut, however, was explosive. So the appearance of SO JAY is even more mysterious Dispatch confirmed the reality of SO JAY during the interview. SO JAY is the wife of Han Sungsoo, the representative of Pledis. She has worked in the past as a visual director. There is no known musical competence Therefore, the copyright of SO JAY is unfair. Actually, she didn't participate in 'IZ*ONE' album work. She has never written notes or anything. She is not entitled to claim the right to eight songs #PLEDIS

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Ein Insider sagte dazu folgendes:

Es scheint, als wollte er als Produzent Lizenzgebühren für das Lied erhalten, war aber CJ ENT überdrüssig. Wenn er zuversichtlich wäre, hätte er den Namen seiner Frau nicht verwenden müssen.

Es gibt Hunderte von Komponisten. Sie sind Unterlegene (Produzenten), die von den Vorgesetzten (Agenturen) ausgewählt werden wollen. Selbst wenn ihre Songs ausgewählt werden, müssen sie sich anhören, was die Vorgesetzten sagen.

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'Pledis' explained the process of obtaining copyright for SO JAY. It is the responsibility of Han Sungsoo, the general producer of 'Producer 48'. He explained that he used his wife's name instead of his own However, it is less persuasive. First of all, CEO Han Sungsoo receives production costs from CJ. This is the price for conducting 'IZ*ONE'. Therefore, it is the separate pocket to get extra lyric writing An official from the music industry said Dispatch, “I think he has been wary of CJ because he has been paid for producing" “There is no reason to use his wife's name if he is confident in himself.” . In fact, SO JAY's royalty is Han Sungsoo's income. Tax issues cannot be avoided. Besides, he is the representative of Pledis. It is also controversial that the part of maximizing one's profits not the company's profits What is the view of the music industry? . The composer, who asked for anonymity, interpreted it as a "Contractor and Subcontractor" issue." There are so many composers," he said. "If my song is 'subcontractor,' I have no choice but to comply with Contractor's request," he said Actually, sharing copyright was an absurdity prevalent in the music industry. In particular, there have been frequent cases of copyright 'deal' in the OST industry. (Waiting for further information about the ghost copyright holders.) . Dispatch heard Han Sungsoo's position. He himself apologized for "I was directly involved in the work of the song. Nevertheless, it was frivolous to receive (the copyright) in the name of my wife." he apologized CEO Han Sungsoo was wary of the growing case. There are no issues such as taxes or wages. “I just wanted the price of the work (at the time),” he added . "I wanted to be recognized for my participation. I wasn't thoughtful enough. I couldn't keep the producer's dignity and became greedy. I'm sorry." (Han Sungsoo) . Meanwhile, CEO Han Sungsoo signed the merger with 'Big Hit' on May 25th. He plans to clear his stake in the future. The equity value is estimated to be at least 100 billion won #SOJAY #IZONE #PLEDIS

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Han Sungsoo gab kurz darauf ein Statement hierzu bekannt. Dieses lautete wie folgt:

Ich persönlich habe an der Songproduktion teilgenommen. Trotzdem war es mir nachlässig, Lizenzgebühren unter dem Namen meiner Frau zu erhalten.

Damals wollte ich einfach nur für meine Arbeit bezahlt werden. Ich wollte für die Arbeit anerkannt werden, die ich in die Songs gesteckt habe. Ich war gedankenlos. Ich habe die Position eines Produzenten nicht respektiert und auf Gier reagiert.

Es tut mir Leid

Er tritt als Produzent von IZ*ONE zurück.

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