Diese koreanischen Promis supporten #BlackLivesMatter ganz offen

#BlackLivesMatter braucht Aufmerksamkeit. Um sich auch weiterhin gegen den Twitter-Algorithmus durchzusetzen und das Thema nicht aus den Trends fallen zu lassen, kommen regelmäßig neue Hashtags hinzu. Wichtig sind dazu momentan zum Beispiel:

Fakt ist: Schweigen ist keine Lösung in dieser Situation. In unserer Welt reicht es nicht, nicht rassistisch zu sein, man muss anti-rassistisch sein.

Rassismus wird nicht schlimmer.
Es wird gefilmt. Will Smith

Jeder mit Reichweite sollte sich daher zu diesem Thema positionieren. Als Inspiration hierzu habe ich hier einen Sammelpost für euch, welche koreanischen Promis sich zu dem Thema bereits geäußert haben. Dieser Artikel wird daher laufend erweitert.

1. Amber Liu

2. Eric Nam

3. Tiger JK

4. Jay Park


5. KARD (BM, Jiwoo, Soomin)



6. Jessi

7. Flowsik

8. Samuel Kim

9. Momoland

10. CL

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11. Crush

12. GOT7 (Mark, Yugyeom, Jackson)

13. Zelo


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✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 Justice for George Floyd 🙏🏻#justiceforgeorgefloyd #ripgeorgefloyd #minneapolis #blacklivesmatter

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14. DeVita

15. Megan Lee


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At first, I tried to learn about this couple days before since I wanted to talk about this sincerely rather than just act like I know this and care. With that being said, I would like to say all human beings are equal and precious. I made an album about the equality not long ago and this is making me feel how I felt when I was working on that album and it's very sad to see this. At time like this, I thought we need to work together and try to voice up together to say all human beings are equal and try our best to make a better society without racism. – 제 삶에서 흑인음악을 비롯한 그들의 문화가 주는 영향은 거의 전부라고 해도 과언이 아닙니다. 그들을 진심으로 존경하고 사랑합니다. 작은 마음이지만 소중이 전달되길 소망합니다. – #ripgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

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17. pH-1

18. Day6 (Jae)

19. Moon Jongup

20. DPR Live

21. Marshall Bang

22. Kevin Woo

23. Minzy

24. DEAN

25. AleXa

26. Loco

27. Dreamcatcher (Yoohyeon)


28. Dalshabet (Subin)

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#justiceforgeorgefloyd #blacklivesmatter

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29. 2Z

30. Red Velvet (Yeri)

31. Super Junior (Yesung)

32. CLC (Sorn)

33. Girl’s Generation (Tiffany)

34. Mighty Mouth (Sangchu)

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This is my bro @pill007 's restaurant that I go to everytime when I'm in LA 😢😢 (Sake House in Santa Monica) has been ruined and destroyed, now the building is burning. He is so devastated because all he can do is watch his restaurant of 20 years burning through FOX , CNN news .. This is just not right at all and it won't bring any justice and equality for sure. I don't understand how and why this is happening. Appprently, this is not the right way of protesting and it's out of point. Why are people rioting and attacking other's businesses W/O any reasons? Please protest in peace for justice and humanity. A demonstration is a reflection of yourself. Think about it before you put your thoughts into actions. An arsonist was caught on the surveillance camera. And he is not an African-American . Let's think about it. What can you earn from arsoning and looting ?? Please Pray for my brother @pill007 🙏🏼 If you go gofundme.com you can find [Rebuildsakehouse] . #Blacklivesmatter #protestinpeace #santamonica #sakehouse #riot #arsonist #LA #breakingnews #nomoreracism 너무 추억이 많은 LA 산타모니카 필준형네 사케하우스가 방금 이렇게.. 20년을 꾸려오신 가게가.. ㅠ 시위중에 방화를 왜.. 쓰레기같은 방화범새끼.. CCTV에는 저렇게 찍혔는데.. 나중에 꼭 잡히길.. 😢😢

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36. BTS

37. Head-Choreograf von BTS

38. Sam Okyere


39. H1GHR MUSIC (Label von Jay Park und Cha Cha Malone)

40. DIVE Studios (Podcast-Studio von u.a. Tablo)

41. Monsta X

42. PSY

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43. Rain


44. HyunA

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45. Dawn

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46. BTOB (Peniel, Eunkwang)

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47. Henry Lau

48. Kwon Hyunbin


49. Lee Hi


50. IMFACT (Ungjae, Jeup, Taeho)

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51. NCT (Ten, Johnny)

52. Hoya

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53. WeGirls (Ellie)

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Black lives matter #blackouttuesday

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54. EDEN




57. EXID (LE)


58. Heize

59. Jessica Jung

60. April (Jinsol)

61. Wonho

62. SM Entertainment